• 06th June 2018

      The 15th CIRP Conference on Computer Aided Tolerancing at Politecnico di Milano

      The Mechanical Engineering Department of Politecnico di Milano, with the support of AFIL (Associazione Fabbrica Intelligente Lombardia), AITeM (Associazione Italiana di Tecnologia Meccanica) e ITIA-CNR (Istituto di Tecnologie Industriali e Automazione del CNR) organized the 15th CIRP Conference on Computer Aided Tolerancing.

      The CIRP CAT 2018 is organized by Mechanical Engineering Department of Politecnico di Milano, and will be held at Campus Bovisa Sud, Building BL28, via Lambruschini 4, Milano, Italy , from 11th to 13th June 2018

      Conference chair: prof. Giovanni Moroni.

      More information:

    • 22nd march 2018

      CNR-ITIA at MECSPE 2018: Pad. 5, Stand N55

      CNR-ITIA is at MECSPE 2018, in Parma from 22nd to 24th march 2018: Motek Italy Sector, Pad. 5, Stand N55.

      In the exibition area is presented the research project “EURECA – Enhanced Human Robot cooperation in Cabin Assembly tasks” that received founding in the Programma di Ricerca e Innovazione Clean Sky 2 in Horizon 2020 dell'Unione Europea -

      The EURECA project framework is dedicated to innovate the assembly of aircraft interiors using advanced human-robot collaborative solutions.

    • 23rd march 2018

      Tavola rotonda: Robotica e formazione della fabbrica digitale (24 marzo 2018, Presso fiera MECSPE)

      Gli obiettivi che si prefigge la tavola rotonda sono di trattare in termini concreti e pratici le competenze richieste per l’uso della robotica, individuare le criticità, se esistono, per l’aumento delle competenze interne (tempo, risorse, moduli formativi, tipologia di formazione) ed analizzare la struttura della domanda di formazione (tecnici, operatori di macchina, progettisti senior): quali strumenti/esigenze esistono in un ambiente complesso (fabbrica/produzione) a diversa dimensione e penetrazione di robot?

      Maggiori informazioni...

    • 7th march 2018

      Conference: "Green manufacturing: Opportunities, challenges and impacts on citizens' lives" (7th march 2018, Greece)

      On 7th of March 2018, GREENOMED will held its first conference “Green manufacturing: Opportunities, challenges and impacts on citizens' lives” in Aristotle University Research Dissemination Centre, Thessaloniki, Greece. The conference aims at raising awareness about green manufacturing and its opportunities and impacts on citizens’ lives through implementing green innovations in manufacturing industry.


    • 26th january 2018

      Workshop: "SOStenibilità delle TEcNologie ManifatturiERE: dalla teoria alla pratica" (29th January 2018)

      The Workshop, organized by the Working Group SOSTENERE dell’ AITEM - Associazione Italiana Tecnologia Meccanica, will take place at ITIA, "Sala Convegni" room from 8.30 to 14.00.

      Download the flyer...

    • 16th october 2017

      Workshop: "Innovation paths in the Factory of the Future: challenges, best practices and actions for the manufacturing sector" (16 october 2017)

      Percorsi di innovazione nella Fabbrica del Futuro: sfide, best practice e azioni per il settore manifatturiero

      Lunedì 16 Ottobre 2017, 9:30 – 14:30

      Sala Conferenze “G. Gusmani” – Palazzo Antonini – via Petracco 8, UDINE

      This workshop is a dissemination event with the main players of manifacturing sector. It is one of the most important events of the project "BIFOCAlps – Boosting Innovation in Factory Of the future value Chain in the Alps", that is financed with the programme "Interreg Alpine Space 2014-2020" and coordinated by "Polo Tecnologico di Pordenone". BIFOCAlps main objective is to boost collaboration and synergies among main actors of the AS innovation system for a sustainable, smart and competitive development of the manufacturing value chain towards the FoF.

      For more information and the workshop agenda, please visit:

      Registration form:

      Free admission. Registrations end on 13th october.

      For information:
      Laboratorio di Ingegneria Gestionale
      phone: 0432 558043

    • 18-20 september 2017

      PRO-VE 2017, 18th Working Conference on Virtual Enterprises (18-20 Sep 2017 - Vicenza, Italy)

      PRO-VE 2017 will provide a forum for sharing experiences, discussing trends, identifying challenges, and introducing innovative solutions aimed at fulfilling the vision of beneficial collaboration in a data-rich world.

    • 6th June 2017

      Cinisello Balsamo, 8th June 2017: Conference The Next Factory "Industria 4.0: Un’opportunità per il manifatturiero italiano"

      The manufacturing world is experiencing a moment of great transformation where technology, organization, innovation and data management play a leading role.

      The conference "Industria 4.0: Un’opportunità per il manifatturiero italiano" will be held on June 8, 2017 at Hotel Cosmo in Cinisello Balsamo from 9.00 to 17.30.

      Further information:

    • 2nd june 2017

      International Forum "Ceramics for Energy", Workshop "Industria 4.0: La sfida energetica per la fabbrica intelligente"

      During the International Forum "Ceramics for Energy" there will be the workshop "Industria 4.0: La sfida energetica per la fabbrica intelligente" by Dr. Alessandro Brusaferri of ITIA-CNR.

      8th JUNE, 2017 - ORE 16:00, at the Museo Internazionale delle Ceramiche (MIC), Viale Baccarini 19 - Faenza (RA).

      Free admission to subscribed participants. To subscripe please write an email to: cen2017(at)

    • The PIROS team lead by ITIA in final of the EuRoC Challenge

      The European Robotics Challenges (EuRoC), as a key factor for driving innovation in European robotics and manufacturing, has the main objective to strengthen collaboration and cross-fertilisation between the industrial and the research community. EuRoC is the Factories of the Future project, in the I4MS initiative (

      Read more, download the PDF (in Italian)...

    • 30th may 2017

      Bergamo, 21st june 2017: SAVE THE DATE “Tecnologie 4.0: motori per la fabbrica intelligente”

      On 21st giugno 2017 at Bergamo, during the IV Assemblea Generale dell’associazione Cluster Fabbrica Intelligente there will be the Workshop about“TECNOLOGIE 4.0: MOTORI PER LA FABBRICA INTELLIGENTE” starting from 13.30 to 17.30 at the University of Bergamo, ex chiesa di Sant'Agostino.

      The programme will be available soon. Free admission to subscribed participants. Click here to subscribe to the Workshop.

    • 29th May 2017

      Acaya (Lecce), 4-9 June 2017: SMMSO 2017 - 11th Conference on Stochastic Models of Manufacturing and Service Operations

      We are happy to invite you to the 11th Conference on Stochastic Models of Manufacturing and Service Operations – SMMSO 2017. The conference is organized by the Politecnico di Milano, Department of Mechanical Engineering, ITIA-CNR and the University of Salento, Dipartimento di Ingegneria dell‘Innovazione and will be held at the Double Tree by Hilton Acaya Golf Resort in Acaya (Lecce), Italy, in June 4-9, 2017.

      Further information:

    • 27th April 2017

      Hannover Messe - KUKA Innovation Award 2017

      The MACHAMP team of ITIA (Manupulator Assistive Control for Human Amplification in Mounting Procedures) is making an excellent impression during the Kuka Innovation Award ( at the Hannover Messe (

    • 26th April 2017

      ITIA completes the semi-final Round of EuRoC Challenge

      ITIA coordinates the Challenger Team PIROS in the highly-competitive contest for winning the Finals of EU Project European Robotics Challenges (EuRoC)

      As Challenge 1 forerunners after the previous Rounds, we completed our final demonstration session earlier last month in Stuttgart (Fraunhofer IPA). We deployed a collaborative robot solution for assisting the manual assembly of machining pallets.
      Our End Users (MCM together with Cembre SpA was actually performing the task, with a real hands-on "touch and feel" experience about the benefits of collaborative robots. With a friendly app, a solid software integration backbone for flexible task programming, a number of core advanced robot control routines, our task was successfully completed by a non-expert user. Last, we do care about safety and are actively exploring the most advanced collaborative modes and new methods for analysing risks.

      What’s next? The next Round (the Finals!) will be a real shopfloor deployment of our robot solution.. coming soon!

      More info?

      Overview of PIROS Showcase Round application

      Diversity and adaptability of small production batches. Fast setup and reconfiguration. Supervision and augmented role of human operators. Safety. These are the hot keywords in the world of machine tools and shopfloors, where collaborative robots are expected to provide a substantial help to machine operators. Despite a high degree of automation, in fact, machining shopfloors experience a remarkable number of manual operations in pallet and fixtures setup, quality inspection of machined items, handling of raw materials.
      PIROS solution: a collaborative robot unit, including

      • a modular software framework for loading "library tasks",
      • a mobile device app for loading a "playlist" of user-defined tasks,
      • a library of functional routines (force control for enabling collaborative assembly, bin-picking for loading materials, motion planning for optimizing the comfort of operators, perception for gesture recognition, etc),
      • a dynamic model-based risk assessment tool for supporting hazards identification and risk reduction in human-robot interaction (in cooperation with DEEP-SE group in Politecnico di Milano

      Benefits: operators are free to allocate robot tasks at runtime, while organizing their supervisory tasks among multiple machining tools. End users (machining and assembly shopfloors) can experience a competitive advantage in allowing added-value time to operators, improving ergonomics, prevent the saturation of operators’ tasks.

      An End User experiencing the robot assistant in preparing a machine tool pallet with fixtures (picture taken at EuRoC C1 host site during demonstration, March 2017)

    • 20th February 2017

      Workshop February 21, 2017, Politecnico di Milano - Intelligent Factory in the National Plan Industria 4.0

      Italian Technology Cluster Intelligent Factories invites you to attend the workshop The Intelligent Factory in the National Plan Industria 4.0, that will be held next February 21st, from 9.30 am to 5.30 pm, at the Politecnico di Milano.

      The workshop, with an original schema to match demand and supply of advanced technologies, is targeted at all stakeholders in the manufacturing sector to provide details on the opportunities offered to the sector by the National Plan Industria 4.0 of the Italian Ministry of Economic Development.

      The workshop will analyze the main actions introduced by the plan, in particular related to the incentives for digitization at different stages of the production process, and will explain the possible areas of industrial development based on 4.0 advanced technologies.

      At the plenary session, introduced by the Dean of Politecnico di Milano, Ferruccio Resta, will participate as speakers the representatives of the Italian Ministry of Economic Development, Stefano Firpo, and of the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research, Oscar Pasquali, the President of the Cluster Intelligent Factories, Gianluigi Viscardi, the President of the Technical Scientific Committee of the Cluster Intelligent Factories, Tullio Tolio, and the Director of Industrial Policy Area of Confindustria, Andrea Bianchi.

      During the plenary session, industrial companies will introduce first ideas on Lighthouse Plant, according to the strategical CFI Roadmap’s guidelines.

      A set of parallel sessions will follow to discuss and define initiatives for the development of industrial projects, in the strategic frame of Industria 4.0. During these sessions, important players in the Italian market - including both leading technology providers, like Prima Industrie, Comau, ABB and research institutions and universities, like CNR and Politecnico di Milano - will present their proposals for applied research and technological innovation projects, as part of the seven lines of action of the Research and Innovation Roadmap of the Cluster.