Sites of ITIA

ITIA continuously invests in innovative factories as a means to implement and test the research results, to cooperate with industries in order to solve real production challenges and, finally, to support training by utilising the factory itself as a real laboratory. ITIA is organized in severals research laboratories guided by an unified scientific programming with convergent strategic projects thanks to the organization in different research themes aimed at the development of factories.

The distribution of researchers into research groups and sites (Milan, Bari, Lecco and Padua) has been carried out according to the following principle:

  • Strategic, scientific and administrative management at Milan headquarters;
  • Laboratories mainly focusing on enabling technologies;
  • Laboratories mainly focusing on production sectors.

At a local level the different laboratories interact with the private and public fabric of the territory carrying out fundamental and industrial research initiatives, thus providing a connection between multilateral European initiatives and the local level (regions, technological districts).